Throughout the beginning of time, people have turned to various forms of artistic expression for the purposes of communication, expressing themselves, and finding healing. After seeing that patients suffering from mental illness frequently expressed themselves in the form of drawings and other artworks, many medical professionals began investigating the use of art as a therapeutic method.

Since that time, the practice of art therapy has grown to become an integral component of the wider therapeutic community and is included into certain evaluation and treatment strategies. The practice of art, which is essentially pleasurable for the participant, has the potential to be an effective therapeutic tool. It has the potential to provide you with the ability to express your inner ideas while also assisting you in better comprehending and making sense of your feelings and your overall mental health.


To provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for individuals to express themselves through art

To encourage participants to explore their emotions & thoughts through artistic expression

To enhance creativity and promote personal growth through the use of art therapy techniques

To facilitate communication and connection among participants through shared creative experiences

To provide participants with practical techniques for using art as a means of self-care and stress reduction

To increase participants’ awareness of mental health issues & the role that art therapy can play in treatment